Thursday, October 27, 2011


We began this week discussing the makings of a wedding. The flowers, the dress, the shoes, the venue, etc. All the details can quickly add up to a cost that most couples go into large amounts of debt for. We then connected that finding to why so many couples choose cohabitation instead of marriage was because they could not afford to have a wedding. Is this an excuse you have heard because I have heard it multiple times. Why does a wedding need to be so expensive?

What is most important thing to happen on the wedding day? I am LDS and was married in the Sacramento temple to be sealed for time and all eternity with my spouse. This was the most important thing for me to do that day. It didn't matter what my dress looked like, my make up, etc. One other thing I found extremely important that day was to become closer with my in-laws. My husband is a couple states away from me so I did not know them very well and I wanted to change that. The most important to anyone I believe is the ceremony itself that unites husband and wife into marriage. It is a beautiful thing that I hope everyone can strive for and hope for in their lives.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Dating = Choosing a Partner

As a married young lady I can honestly say I am so glad I am over this part of my life of searching for that one I am going to spend all eternity with. The stresses of dating and knowing whether the feelings that you are feelings are real and if they match the other person, etc. It was a developing time in my life as I am sure others will agree. One thing I found highly interesting was the different kind of loves the Greeks have that we related to our lives. First there is Eros meaning more of the sexual arousal, romantic, and want to be with this person only physically. The second one was Agape which means a love more a fellowmen not necessarily liking the person but having the "Christian" feeling that they deserve a love from everyone. Next one relates to the Parent/Child love named Storge. I found that this love is not only between parent and child but a love that no matter what happen to them or no matter was silly or stupid thing they do you will always love them. And the last love is called Phillia, or the love between friends, brotherly love. As we developed and understood each of these loves we came to realize the importance of each one in a growing relationship. Although Eros seems like a naughty love that is not necessary I found it sometime the most necessary to draw the person from the opposite sex into a deeper love that discusses more serious things. Another thing I realized was the path you take through each one to develop all kinds of love. All of them are NEEDED to have a well rounded relationship that will last. I know this is true because I have found my love and I can relate plenty of different times in which we both showed these separate loves to each other.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Men vs. Women

The constant wondering of what the other sex is like, how they think, what they enjoy, etc will most likely never stop but some things will help develop theories on these subjects. During class this week we discussed the working of the man's brain versus a woman's and what the difference was. They found that men had a burst of lights and bright colors while women had a lot of different evenly distributed colors. Now when I heard this I was like great colors in your brain but what does it mean? The conclusion was men focus on one thing and really got into what it meant while women were constantly focusing on many different things at one time. Doesn't it make sense?! My teacher made a comment asking us if you ever ask a guy how work, school, or their day was they will always just say good. This is because they are focused on being home and not on what had happened that day. Now this is completely different from a girl who is constantly focusing on everything at once. That is why I believe they make such good mothers, because they can focus on many different activities and kids and know what is happening.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Culture and Diversity

This week in class the topic that really spoke to me was the study done on Mexican families that came to American over the border. My sister's boyfriend, Tavi, came over the border when he was young with his family. It is tough on families to have the father gone for a long length of time in which his role needs to be filled by the mother or sometimes even an extended family member until he returns. But when he does return there is not always welcome arms to his old responsibilities that have been passed along to others. This can help tear apart families. Tavi told me that his father was only gone for 6 months before the family joined him in America, but I can see the distance that was put between him and his father in that time. Something I also noticed was how he calls several different families his own. Not always having his family together makes me believe that he doesn't really know where he stands in his own family so he looks for other families to fill that whole in his life. Does this make sense to others?