Thursday, October 27, 2011


We began this week discussing the makings of a wedding. The flowers, the dress, the shoes, the venue, etc. All the details can quickly add up to a cost that most couples go into large amounts of debt for. We then connected that finding to why so many couples choose cohabitation instead of marriage was because they could not afford to have a wedding. Is this an excuse you have heard because I have heard it multiple times. Why does a wedding need to be so expensive?

What is most important thing to happen on the wedding day? I am LDS and was married in the Sacramento temple to be sealed for time and all eternity with my spouse. This was the most important thing for me to do that day. It didn't matter what my dress looked like, my make up, etc. One other thing I found extremely important that day was to become closer with my in-laws. My husband is a couple states away from me so I did not know them very well and I wanted to change that. The most important to anyone I believe is the ceremony itself that unites husband and wife into marriage. It is a beautiful thing that I hope everyone can strive for and hope for in their lives.

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