Monday, November 21, 2011

Money, Money, Money

Money is idolized by the world as an object that can solve all your problems. If that was true Hollywood stars would have no problem keeping a marriage intact. Financial problems is one of the main reasons spouses fight in a marriage. The LDS church put out a pamphlet by Elder Marvin J. Ashton called "One for the Money" that explains ways to deal with money. In the pamphlet he tells a story of a young couple that came in to see him. During this time he asked the couple who they have decided is going to take care of the finances during the marriage. They looked at each other with huge eyes realizing that they have not even talked about the financial responsibility. Take time to talk with a future spouse in order to understand what the financial status of the future family. Be prepared for unexpected events because they do happen.

The principle Elder Ashton says:
1. Pay an honest tithing
2. Learn to manage money before it manages you
3. Learn self-discipline and self-restraint in money matters
4. Use a budget
5. Teach family members early the importance of working and earning
6. Teach children to make money decisions in keeping with their capacities to comprehend
7. Teach each family member to contribute to the total family welfare
8. Make education a continuing process
9. Work toward home ownership
10. Appropriately involve yourself in an insurance program
11. Understand the influence of external forces on family finances and investments
12. Appropriately involve yourself in a food storage and emergency preparedness program

These principles affect the family in bringing them closer together through making decisions and acting on these decisions. Take the time to discuss these things now and it will help save a family and a marriage later on in life.

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